Internet Connections in Gaza Completely Shut Off

Palestinian telecommunications agency disclosed on Wednesday on X account (formerly Twitter) that Internet and phone networks were shut off in the Gaza Strip territory in less than a week.

Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel) said: “To our good people in the beloved country, we are sorry to announce that communications and internet services have been completely cut off in Gaza,”

Netblocks, the Global network monitor confirmed that Gaza “is amid a new internet blackout with high impact to the last remaining major operator, Paltel.
It read: “The incident will be experienced as a total loss of telecommunications by most residents.”

An AFP journalist in Gaza also confirmed the loss of communications, stating that his phone had a signal because he was using an international SIM card.

In addition, another AFP journalist reported that only people with Israeli or Egyptian phone lines can be able to access their mobiles in the border town of Rafah because Internet and phone networks were completely cut off.

The Palestinian militant group Hamas accused the Israeli government that they used the shutdown of networks to perfect ‘massacres’ in the Gaza Strip.

While the Palestinian telecoms provider Jawwal also blamed Israel’s “heavy bombardment” of the territory for the network blackout
“Since then, Israel has hit back with a relentless air and artillery bombardment, which the health ministry in Hamas-controlled Gaza says has now killed more than 8,500 Palestinians, two-thirds of them women or children”.

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