How Popular Radio Girl Tosyn Bucknor died

It was confirmed on Monday night that a Nigerian artist and media personality Oluwatosin ‘Tosyn’ Bucknor was found dead by her husband ‘Aurelien Boyer’ when he returned from work on Monday night.

She was born on the 15th of April 1981 and reportedly died on Monday 19th November 2018. She is aged 37 years old. Tosyn Bucknor was a sickle anemia patient and alongside a graduate of Law in the  University of Lagos.

Her traditional marriage with Mr. Aurelien Boyer was held in November 2015, followed by her white wedding in France which had her Family and  Friends present. Tosyn Bucknor initiated her media career with the EKO FM, after which she hosted her own programme called the Fun Hour Show in a radio station called COOL FM on Saturdays.

It was reported to have been the only morning show handled by a female so far. All these started when she began her youth service in 2009.

She was rewarded with several awards in numerous competitions and shows which includes; The best Nollywood Award, The ELOY Awards etc. Not until her demise she was an active Staff of the Inspiration FM, where her morning talk show was also hosted and also doubled as a ‘vlogger’.

Her late Father ‘Shegun’ was a journalist and a popular music artist as well. He kicked the bucket in the year 2017.

The announcement of Tosyn Bucknor demise was indeed a terrifying one, it wasn’t a good omen to the hearing of her family, friends, colleagues and fans as they expressed shock on Instagramgram page.

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