Doctor claims Danny Welbeck might not be available for football again

Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck had a fearful injury on Thursday playing for Arsenal against Sporting CP in the UEFA Europa league.

Welbeck went up in the air for a header with an opponent, and landed heavily on the pitch, falling with his body on top of his legs.

He was immediately assessed, but needed the help of an Oxygen, while he was stretched off the stadium to a Hospital where he was given an extra attention.

An incident which had Welbeck Arsenal teammate Guendhozzi crying.

Wilson, a Professional Sports Doctor, whom has also worked for three different Professional Club’s of Medical department.

He has come out to say that Welbeck had a career ending injury, and he won’t be surprise if Danny Welbeck wouldn’t play football again.

He said that Welbeck landed badly and broke his ankle, and chances are that he won’t feature again in football.

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