Court Sentenced Man Who Slapped French President, Emmanuel Macron To Jail.

Video of a man who slapped the French president, Emmanuel Macron , recently appeared online and went viral .


The 28-year-old man,Damien Tarel, who slapped the president while he was busy greeting his supporters , has been sentenced to 4 months in jail .


He was arrested immediately after the slap and later sued to court.


Tarel was convicted on a charge of violence against a person invested with public authority in a French court , situated in Valence , on Thursday, 10 June , 2021.


The court sentenced him to four months in prison and 14-month suspended sentence. He was also banned from holding a public post and weapon possession for a 5-year period.


When Tarel was interrogated by the French Police, he claimed to be an extreme-right wing patriot . He revealed he had a plan with a friend to come with a pie and throw it at the president. He sounded subtly when he told the court that ‘Emmanuel Macron represents the decline of France ‘.


“When I saw his friendly, lying look, I felt disgust, and I had a violent reaction. It was an impulsive reaction … I was surprised myself by the violence” ,he said in the court .

Macron did not comment on the case on Thursday, but noted that “nothing justifies violence in a democratic society, never. It’s not such a big deal to get a slap when you go toward a crowd to say hello to some people who were waiting for a long time.

We must not make that stupid and violent act more important than it is”,he said in an interview with a French BFM-TV.

Another man who was arrested along with Tarel, would be prosecuted in a later date. Police found sensitive materials like war books , Nazi flags , swastika and a Bolshevik flag in Authur’s home.

The swastika was a Nazi symbol used by Adolf Hitler whose policy was to purify the world. He ended up killing 6 million Jews .


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