Breaking: Buhari Reportedly Sacks Emefiele, CBN Governor


It has been reported that Godwin Emefiele, governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria has been sacked by The president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, today, 25th May 2022.

He was overwhelmed with strife after expressing his interest to contest for the next president of Nigeria and refusing to resign from his position as governor of CBN before contesting.

After several complaints from the public calling for his resignation, shortly after buying the N100 Million Presidential form of the All Progressive Congress (APC), he advanced a Federal high court in Abuja to stop the Independent National Electoral Council (INEC) and the committee of CBN from disqualifying him for contesting for presidency.

Unable to get the court to give judgement in his favour, he advanced to a High court in Delta state on Friday 13th May that was able to grant his request.

Buhari in a reply to the expression of presidential involvement by in appontees commanded the resignation of every one of his Cabinet members competing for political offices in 2023.

While some of them agreed to resign many of them including Emefiele failed to resign.

On Tuesday, Emefiele withdrew the suit he filed against INEC and the Attorney_ General of Nigeria over his presidential ambition.

Although the reason he withdrew the suit is not known but his opinion unfolded that he requested the court to terminate the suit and make an order striking it out.

Emefiele was reported to have been walked out of the villa by Buhari after requesting to see the president in order to explain the purchase of his N100 Million presidential form by some faceless farmers which he did not approve of.

He was ordered by Buhari who was visibly angry to go back to his office, vacate his things and to offer his resignation within 72 hours.

When he was asked what he conversed with Buhari, he replied, “There is no news now, but there will be news soon.”

Emefiele also dropped a message for his critics who had told him to drop his position as CBN governor and face his presidential ambition.
He said, “They should have an heart attack, I am enjoying my self.”

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