Asiwaju: A terrible rape story trending right now on twitterNG

Trending right now on Twitter is Asiwaju with the twitter handle @Asiwaju_limited

With the full name, Dare Micheal Asiwaju has exposed two girls who he reportedly slept with and they are blackmailing him for raping them. With a series of twits, he tried to explain what really happened between them.

He twitted “Am here, I’ll need to say my own side of the story .. I know my former business partner sponsored this blackmail to destroy me Cos she’s contesting under APC . .. Nigeria Gals I have my last advise for you all .”

before launching the first hint of what really happened by twitting “You all claimed I raped u ? We met on social media, I took You to club, I spent 500k popping Champaign Cos of You and we had sex when am high and you call it rape? 2017 You didn’t report to police? 2018 You didn’t report to police 2019 You decided to blackmail me”

The worst of it is that he twitter losing his mother in the events that are unfolding by twitting “My mother died few minutes ago Cos she saw the post online, she just had an heart surgery… this blackmailed has destroyed FAMILY.”

He finally stated that the sex romp happened in 2017 and it is coming up now because he is supporting PDP and his bestie who is sponsoring the blackmail against him is contesting under APC.

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“We discuss sex before you came, all this shit happens 2017 none of you reported me to police, 2019 Cos am suppporting PDP & my bestie is contesting under APC, she sponsored this thread to destroy me”

#Asiwaju is the hashtag to search for on Twitter. He also twitted nude photos and videos.

Dare Micheal Asiwaju is said to be a furniture seller who shuttles between Lagos and Abuja. The alleged rape story was shared by @thatgoddess_ who and is said to have been committed on 14th May 2017.

They are indications that Dare has been involved in a rape story before and was published by premiumtimesNG.

Below are a series of the snapshots of the rape saga as it unfolds.


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