Akon shocks the World as he announced his 2020 Presidential ambition

The award winning American singer shocked the world as he came out publicly to say that he is having an eye on contesting in 2020 for Presidential position.

I am more of a philanthropist, and I want to do more, but it depends on certain capacities as an individual “Says Akon ”

Akon said “I feel so much unsafe and afraid, I have the sense of being unempowered at the moment.

And to be honest, it is gonna be a fight. I have decided to be always ready for the unexpected to happen,
This is not just for me, I think everyone is also unsafe and under pressure; even some white Americans feel that way because they’re watching backlash of his decisions.”

The music entertainer has been doing so much to change the world for the better, bringing electricity into over 14 Countries just in Africa, where he used solar panels to make it possible.

Akon is the dream bearer of cryptocurrency, which he created to improve the financial sector of Africa.

We are working on securing the territory and close out all the legislation papers for the Towns and Cities. And hopefully make it a free zone,

Perhaps, cryptocurrency-driven as a test market, “we want all the cities and countries in Africa to be connected, if it works, we all gonna benefit. – Says Akon “

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