11 Boarders Die In School Fire Accident

Recently, a total number of eleven (11) boys were confirmed dead due to the fire accident which took place at St Benard Secondary School dormitory, located at Rakai, Uganda.

Mr.Henry Nsubuga the headmaster of the school said that “he suspects the recently expelled student for being the cause of this horrible act.

He added that the dormitory doors were locked before the students were set ablaze, that even when help arrived, it was difficult for the victims to evacuate.

He further said some would have survived but died as a result of suffocation. Some bodies were burnt beyond recognition but a DNA test will be conducted and their bodies will be identified.

It was reported by Chief Nuwamanya that a total of eleven (11) victims were confirmed dead due to the fire burns, over twenty (20) suffers burns and are admitted to the hospital.

Mr. Nuwamanya further said they have not concluded the cause of the incident and that three(3) people are under questioning in the Police Station, including the security guard of the school.

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