Just In: Fire outbreak in Amawbia, Anambra state, many Died

They were a fire outbreak today at  Awambia area of Anambra State with many dead.

According to an eye witness report from Nonso Micheal, the fire was started by a tanker carrying gas and before the fire service men could come, the fire had already killed some Hausa people.

“the fire started when  a gas tanker wanted to turn at the roundabout opposite fire service and near the Governor’s lodge in Amawbia but couldn’t turn well and it felled down and explode before the fire service people came out and started stopping the fire outbreak”

‘Hausa people died also”

This one in a series of fire outbreaks that may have happened in Anambra State. We will recall in December 2018, the Fire outbreak in Anambra State that happened in a mortuary and burnt corpses beyond recognition.

Then the fire outbreak that burnt three children in their mums shop early this year.

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