Breaking News: Peter Obi escapes death as APC and PDP clash in Abuja [PHOTOS]

Peter Obi the Vice Presidential Candidate of the People Democratic Party (PDP) escaped being lynched to death as supporters of PDP and the All Progressive Congress (APC) clashed today at Dei – Dei Abuja.

According to Blossom Martins an eye witness who spoke to PoliticsNGR  said that APC supporters blocked
Peter Obi’s convoy after he finished speaking to some traders. He added that Peter Obi escapes death through the help of Igbo boys who defended him against the APC guys.

read the report below.

“This is the Aftermath of PDP n APC clash at Dei-dei (international building materials market Abuja) today…..

Peter obi came to the market to continue with the Atiku/Obi campaign this afternoon, after his campaign rounds, on his way going back, an APC candidate was passing with his convey they blocked peter and his protocol and started fighting them……
The apc guys try to attack Peter obi then Igbo boys came over and destroyed their cars.”



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