Happy Christmas Fans

Hello, Fans! It’s another Christmas Season, Top Trends Nigeria wishes you a merry Christmas and prosperous new year in advance. This Christmas shall bring you good tidings, May the love of Jesus reflect in your life.

Five Things You Must Know About Christmas

  1. Jesus is the reason for the season, so falling to sin in the name of Christmas celebration is an abomination in the sight of God
  2. After this Christmas, there will be more Christmas in the future, so don’t kill yourself just because you want to be like others on Christmas day
  3. Before you Celebrate Christmas, ask yourself; do I know Jesus?
  4. Don’t spend all your savings on Christmas day
  5. renew your love to Jesus and show love to friend  family and the less privileged, Christmas is all about love. Enjoy your Christmas, Top Trends Nigeria LOVES YOU.

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