Boko Haram insurgents seized 6 towns in Borno State

We’ve had further reports that the Boko Haram insurgents have recently seized several towns in Borno State, Nigeria. these Towns includes; Dorno, Baga, Bunduran, Kukawa, Kekeno, and Kross Kawara.

These six Towns listed above are major populated Towns in Kukawa Local Government area, the northern part of Borno State.

It was reported that their first attack was at the base of the multinational force at Baga Town at 4 pm after which the military responded.

We also learned that they were a fight between the Boko Haram insurgents and the Military forces, which lasted till midnight.

Brigadier Hassan who is noted to be the Commander of the multinational forces was said to have escaped with some of his men to a Police base in Baga Town during late hours of the day.

Further reports have it that the towns are presently being controlled by the Boko Haran Insurgents, meanwhile, the military said the attackers have been repelled and the loss of a Naval Personnel has being reported.

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