We Manufacture Our Arms Locally, IPOB Replies Presidency.

We Manufacture Our Arms Locally, IPOB Replies Presidency.

The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) has taken up arms in a cause it sees as self-defense. The group that clamours for the restoration of the State Of Biafra has sworn to defend the people living on the old Eastern region.

IPOB National Secretary , Emma Powerful recently said the group which now has an armed wing , manufactures its weapons locally. The Federal Government accused them of stockpiling arms and which they use to attack the security operatives on the region. An accuse Ipob’s Secretary , Emma Powerful ,denied publicly.

He also said” Fulani government of Nigeria can rant and propagate falsehood against IPOB, we don’t buy arms we produce arms we are going to use locally; and we made it clear to them that 1967 and 1970 are not the same thing with 2021″.

Our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu prophecize  that they will kill us and we’ll kill them at the end Biafra nation will come.

“There is no false information and state-sponsored propaganda that can stop or change our resolve to restore Biafra freedom from Nigeria. What they did to our fathers, this present generation of Biafra will surprise them heavily,” he added .

The group has been hit hard on the federal government with their tweets.Twitter recently deleted the group’s leaders tweet for violating its rules .



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