Northern Group Threatens To Halt Onions Supply To South

The Onion Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria (OPMAN) threatens to halt supply of onions to the South , if the governments of these states fail to compensate the traders who lost their goods ,money and valuables due to the ruthless


attacks on its members in the South.

They insist to stop the supply of onions from Monday to East specifically, if their demands are not met . They demands are restoration of order and prosecuting of the unknown attackers

OPMAN’s chairperson, Aliyu Isa , revealed to news media that members of the group lost goods worth over # 4.5 billion due to the ruthless attacks in several places of the region against them.

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“In Abia State ,3 of our members were killed ,while 30 trailers of onions, 9 utility cars, 50 stores and 10,000 bags of onions, and other valuables were lost to the attackers”,the group chairman,Aliyu Isa , added.

He also said 27 members of the union were killed in an attack in Oyo State and properties belonging to the victims were also lost which includes :5 trailers,5,600 bags of onions and 12 utility vehicles .

In Imo State,he claimed # 13 million worth of onions was robbed of their members.

This is not the first time the group has tried to halt supply of onions to the southern part of the country.It did the same last year which attracted Southern anger .The halting led to the  skyrocketing of onions’ price caused by its paucity.


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