Shocking Reactions Over TB Joshua.


The death of TB. Joshua struck his followers and those he had influenced so hard. The influential pastor was said to have died after Saturday’s service. The cause of his  sudden death is still unknown to the general public.

TB Joshua was one of the most popular televangelists in the country and the world because of his philanthropistic way of life . Despite his good deeds ,he also had said some controversial things, though;the International netizens could not conceal their mixed reactions over his unexpected death and prophesies .

Here are some of the humourous comments from different commenters:

“So sad…I remembered when he predicted “accurately” that Hilary Clinton would win the elections and that Covid would end last June…

My condolences to his family and worshippers

Thank God, his teachings stole my best friend from me at 16. She never came back and was married off to someone she hardly knew, because he told her to!! What is Godly about being told to cut your family and friends out of your life!

Rip to him but all the happenings in Nigeria this is the only one CNN considered news worthy?

He never believed covid 19 was real. Ignorance and blind following of religion will finish people.

So CNN can talk about the death of TB Joshua but has never hinted on the deaths of people killed at the eastern part of Nigeria đŸ¤¦đŸ¤¦đŸ¤¦..RIP great man of God

In America religion became politics, in Europe business. In Africa it became confusion. He was an agent of confusion and exploitation using the Bible to the wretched of the earth. A self-styled prophet with religious propaganda that benefited him but not his blind followers.

Mother Teresa, she was humble. She had nothing, no riches.
Look at the Bakers here in America always begging for money. They even had a AC dog house.
Don’t build your treasures here on earth, but I heaven above!
Not saying this person was bad, but all televangelist constantly beg for more money, even after they become rich! Not right!!!đŸ˜¢

57 is still a long way to life and maybe he had the Coronavirus but Just my thoughts also my condolences,pray”.

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