Grammy Award is a global award, where numerous Musicians all across the Planet wanted to grab their hands in their musical careers.

The activities of so many Musicians towards beating the criteria now are taxing. Signing multiple contracts, feature a lot of personalities, that can elevate their career. This left us with a question in the entertainment industry a Ponzi scheme?

News spread quickly, about a young man who wants to be an Actor after luck shines on him. The following year, he was worth the amount of money my father will always imagine in his lifetime. Is it the New Industry to make money easily for every Tom, Dick and Harry?

The reason why many people join the industry is because of what they will get and how they can improve their life. Not because of talent, passion, or even the worse, love for the profession.

This can be justifiable from the singles being released by most latest upcoming Musicians as being outdated, promoting the ills of the Society, drugs, sex, and others. Many times, if this single finally reached the milestone, getting the attention they required, it always doesn’t last long due to the instability of the whole process.

This has become a global ‘virus’ that is largely affecting the industry. This selfish motive is producing a lot of unprofessional, poor production of songs, movies, etc.

The Industry hasn’t been the best again in producing raw talents after the motives as changed. It is all about Money. While money is a factor in every Career, taking it as the ulterior motive will haunt down the career as it’s directly haunting down our beautiful Industry.

Many opportunities are sadly not given to the rightful owners who have constantly worked their way by hard work, diligence to the top, just to mention a few ills in the Industry.

There should be a law guiding the power of what to be produced or not, but till then, the Industry has failed to answer the question we’ve been asking.

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