APC Is A Cult, Says Imo State APC Spokesman As He Resigns

Mr. Jones Onwuasoanya The Publicity Secretary of The Imo State All Progressive Congress resigned yesterday.

He tendered his resignation letter in Owerri to the state working committee. In the letter, he alleged that the APC is full of impunity, injustice and sharp practices.

Mr. Onwuasoanya stated that his major reason for resigning is the handpicking of candidates instead of the recognised primary elections that produced aspirants as candidates.

In a partial statement from his resignation letter, he accused the APC of being a Cult instead of a political party that it ought to be.

read the state below:

“Our Party has ceased to, in my own considered opinion, be a political Party, but a cult, where some well-positioned members have formed themselves into a cabal of capons, with a dangerous end in mind for our dear country and its fledgling democracy.”

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