How “Akachukwu” by Rexperfect will boost your mood [New Release]

Outspoken Media Personality and Nollywood sensation, Rex Chinedu Agoawuike has dropped another sweet melody titled Akachukwu.

Rex Chinedu who is popularly known as REXPERFECT has been a rising star in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

His versatile nature enables him to act movies and also compose songs.

In his latest release “Akachukwu” which when translated in Igbo Means “the hand of God”, Rexperfect attributes all the good things happening in his life to God.

The song which is a highlife tune makes its hearers known that everything in life is in God’s hands.

It is a timely reminder that we came into this world with nothing and we shall all go with nothing.

With that in mind, there is no need for the hatred, anger, bitterness, and killing of one’s brother to make it in life.

The over 7 minutes song was produced by Gospel Zayee.

Listen to the song here:

Download it here

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