Latest Hit track by Rexperfect “My Country Nigeria” [Reggae]

The Nollywood sensation Rex Chinedu Agoawuike is at it again.

He has just dropped a hit reggae track titled “my country Nigeria”

This is a major shift away from his initial song releases which are Chidiebube and Akachukwu respectively

Rex who is popularly known as Rexperfect is asking with his the latest release, who will help Nigeria out of trouble?

This is a timely question for Nigerians, most especially in this Covid19 pandemic. The general notion is that Nigerians are already suffering, then came Covid19 which is seen to be escalating the suffering.

With this his latest release, Rexperfect seem to be asking the question in the heart of every Nigerian

listen to it and find out more

Download it here

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