Jasper Orisakwe.

College creates an environment where you chase your dreams…

Some students chase grade points (GP) and prioritize it as their dream. Some students chase skill acquisition and development.

We still have students that are in college for the fun, and students that are in college to fulfill all righteousness, and to prove some people wrong.

For those that have the right objective(s) towards being in college, will your future self be proud of what you’re doing today to achieve that dream?

Most times, we work so hard in lecture hall for the grade points, neglecting the activities that align better to our gifts and calling in life.

Be smart to know where you fit in and pursue it while in College, that’s why there are activities in school for different talents!

In Nigeria, our interpretation of a brilliant person is that person that can define a subject and explain all the theories. Ofcourse such person is brilliant, but he’s brilliant in academics, and he might be a dummy in business.

Someone that’s doing well in business is also brilliant. But brilliant in business, and might be a dummy in academics. Give him that respect, he’s very much useful in the society!

A good sports man is brilliant in sports, and might be a dummy in academics. They should be encouraged while in College!


A good technician might be producing amazing stuffs, but still be a dummy in academics. We must encourage them!

Until we start to understand this phenomenon, Nigeria is not yet ready for development.

In as much as Grade is important in College, Skill acquisition, Entrepreneurer self-development, mind stretch, and heavy involvement in activities that best suit your natural gift and talent is very important too.
As you study the books, practice the skills, and let more of the percentage of students in that College know what you do!

Don’t lose your genius while you’re only trying to please your grades!!!

Get involved!!!

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