FG Conditional Cash Transfer Codes For All States In Nigeria

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Following the Federal Government of Nigeria’s approval of the payment of monthly stipends to vulnerable Nigeruals for a period of 3 months in order to caution the effect of the subsidy removal.
However you might be wondering how to go about the registration, we have outlined the registration process and codes for all states in Nigeria.

Know the eligibility criteria, the registration process, and how to check your beneficiary status using USSD codes for the federal government conditional cash (CCT) transfer.

Recall that Nigeria’s President, Bola Tinubu, has unveiled the “Renewed Hope Conditional Cash Transfer Programme.” This initiative is not only a response to the removal of fuel subsidies but also a commitment to address the economic shocks affecting the nation’s most marginalized citizens…

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Below are the eligibility criteria for accessing the CCT funds.

1. The Unbanked: Those who are to receive the CCT are those without bank accounts, that is those who haven’t experienced the four walls of a bank before.
2. Without Modern Tech: People who have no smartphones or social media profiles and haven’t used modern technology.
3. Educationally Disadvantaged: Individuals who didn’t get a chance at formal education of any kind.
4. Financially Challenged: Primarily, those who are economically disadvantaged.

Registration Process
Unlike other poverty alleviation programs, you can’t directly apply to the CCT. rather it’s a community-centric approach:

1. Initiation: The Youth Employment and Social Support Operation(YESSO) is in charge of the registration.

2. Community Engagement: Local representatives from YESSO communicate with community leaders. There’s then a gathering of the community to identify potential beneficiaries.

3. List Creation: Once potential beneficiaries are identified, a list is created and sent to the National Cash Transfer Office (NCTO). The list will also be made available publicly for transparency.
4. Digital Enrollment: Beneficiaries are then digitally registered, and ID cards are provided for identification.

CCT USSD Codes for All States in Nigeria
Don’t wait in the dark. Use the given CCT USSD Code specific to each state in Nigeria:

Akwa Ibom (Ikono LG): *969*197#
Bayelsa (Yenagoa): *969*31#
Abuja: *969*67#
Katsina: *969*77#
Adamawa: *969*22#
Yobe: *969*12#
Maiduguri: *969*10#
Jigawa State:
Hadejia: *969*240#
Malam Madori: *969*236#
Kafin Hausa: *969*238#
Babura: *969*239#
Birniwa: *969*241#
Dutse Mazabar Limawa: *969*242#
Anambra State:
Anambra East: *969*22#
Onitsha South: *969*23#
Ogbaru: *969*24#
Oyi: *969*25#
Orumba North: *969*29#
Dunukofia: *969*28#
Sokoto State:
Shagari: *969*244#
Kebbe: *969*245#
Wamakko: *969*246#
Tangaza: *969*248#
Bodinga: *969*249#
Sabon Birni: *969*250#
Dange Shuni: *969*251#
Tureta: *969*252#
Yobe State: *969*12#
Important Note: These codes help verify your status, not apply to the program.

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