Reno Mocks the Obidients and Asks Supreme Court to Dismiss Obi’s Appeal

The former aide to the former President Goodluck Jonathan, Pastor Reno Omokri, has vowed to dance if the Supreme Court quashes the appeal filled by Mr Gregory Peter Obi the flag bearer of the Labour Party, in the last concluded February 2023 general election.

The controversial pastor Omokri, who has been a critic of Peter Obi, wrote on social media through his X account (formerly Twitter) channel and accused the ‘Obidients’ of being erratic, abusive, and lacking self-control when it comes to critical issues.

The self-acclaimed pastor and social media influencer stated that the Obidients mocked and abused the Chief Justice of Nigeria and his legal colleagues. On the same note, he promised to dance if Obi’s appeal is dismissed by the Supreme Court.

He said: “I have a question for Obidients Today, the Supreme Court starts deliberations on the appeal filed by Peter Obi.

“Over the last few months, you cast aspersions on the Chief Justice of Nigeria and his colleagues. You mocked him when he was on a wheelchair, as though you won’t also grow old.

“You made insulting caricatures of the justices of the Supreme Court, and have promoted all types of disrespectful narratives and rhetoric against them. You turned a section of the public against them with false conspiracy theories about them receiving bribes, he added.

“Don’t you think they have children, friends and family who would have brought all that your movement did to their notice? Now, today, you guys are appealing to the same people you were disparaging.

“Learn self-control. Be strategic, not erratic. Think before you act. Know that those you insult today may be the same people you will consult tomorrow. And the people you condemn today may be the ones you need to commend you tomorrow.

“Now, after months of abuse and dishonour from you, you want them to honour your appeal. Anyway, I am already practising the dance I will dance when Obi’s appeal is dismissed. It is called Obito Continua!” Omokri disclosed.

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