Deputy President Of Kenya Obtains His Ph.D. – A Bonus For African Democracy

African Democracy Has survived amidst the leadership of non-degree holders leading the entire populace.

Some of those African Country led by these supposed non-degree holders has witness series of chaotic events and poor economic growth.

It is a piece of good news for Kenyan’s and African leaders who are yet to obtain a Degree from any Univerity to do so as Kenyan Deputy President bags a Ph.D. from Univerity of Nairobi.

William Kipchirchir Samoei Arap Ruto who is the Deputy President of Kenya was born in December 21st, 1966.

He is a Kenyan Politician and has served Kenya as an Acting President between 5th and 8th October 2014 when Uhuru Kenyatta was away at the Hague.

On March 4th, 2013 he was elected the  Deputy President of Kenya alongside Uhuru Kenyatta and has previously held other positions before that.

Dr. Ruto enrolled for his Ph.D. at the University of Nairobi since August 2012. Since Then He failed to graduate in 2016 because he did not meet all the coursework requirements.

Dr. Ruto has a Bachelor’s Degree in Botany and Zoology and also a Masters Degree in Plant Ecology.

He was Pursuing a Ph.D. in Plant Ecology and the title of his thesis is “influence of human activities on land use changes on environmental quality of riparian ecosystem: A case study of Saiwa Swamp watershed, Western Kenya”.

His name was Published by the University of Nairobi Senate alongside six others last month.

It is a triple celebration for Dr. Ruto as he acquires his Doctorate and also marking his 52nd Birthday as well as his 27th wedding anniversary.

Outside the fanfare of Dr. Ruto bagging a Degree, curious Africans are asking, did he really attend lectures or as a politician, he bribed his way through the process?

In as much as such situation is may be obtainable, Top Trends Nigeria was able to get photos of Dr. Ruto doing his research. See the Photos Below:

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