why Italian man murdered Nigerian Prostitute

Leopoldo Scalici and Italina 41 years old has been arrested by Italian Police for killing a Nigerian prostitute called Benedicta.

According to Italian website, Modena Today, the body of Benedicta was found in a ditch were Scalici dumped her.

The website also reported that Scalici approached Benedicta on the Street of Modena Nord for sex over the weekend.

It happened that the duo had sexual intercourse and an argument broke out which then led Scalici to hit Benedicta the Nigeria prostitute with a heavy object on the face and head.

However, they are speculations that Scalici hit Benedicta because he wasn’t satisfied sexually.

Leopoldo Scalici has been detained by Italian Police after he voluntarily confessed to the crime.

An autopsy also has been scheduled

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