Why ghost of a recently buried man was seen leaving Ikoyi cemetery

The Ghost of one late Mr. Paul Johnson has clearly refused to rest in peace after it was caught on CCTV leaving Ikoyi Crescent Cemetery, Lagos.

The guards on duty while going through the CCTV footage of the previous night noticed a movement in it.

Initially, they thought it was wind, but not until they noticed visible movements which then changed their minds.

They only way they could confirm that it was actually the Ghost of late Mr. Paul Jonhson because of his burial plot was in a State of chaos.

The window and children of late  Mr. Paul Johnson also confirmed that the saw their late husband and father at home.

According to them, he came to rectify the issue of how his property was misappropriated by his extended family after his demise and was clearly annoyed with how his nuclear family was being treated.

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