Usain Bolt Football Career Ends, Says it was fun while it lasted

Usain Bolt, the legend of the track and field event has announced that he is retiring from football to move into business.

Usain St Leo Bolt OJ CD who is popularly known as Usain Bolt was born in Jamaica. He is 32 years old and the world record holder in 100 meters, 200 meters, and 4 x 100 meters relay race.

He has won multiple Olympic Gold Medals in London, Beijing, and Rio. Usain Bolt resides in Kingston, Jamaica and has the nickname as “Lightning Bolt”.

Usain Bolt retired from track sports and joined football. He initially had a desire to join Manchester United side of the English Premier League. He said that Pogba and Sterlin were in support of him to join football when some persons were critical of him surviving in football.

The former Republic of Ireland Striker Andy Keogh said that Usain Bolt is “a touch like a trampoline”

But Paul Pogba and Raheem Sterling had different opinions. Bolt speaking
about it said

“I’ve talked to Pogba and Sterling and they are happy to see me trying, they say ‘come on, you can do it’,”

“They support me, so I’m not going to worry about some simple players saying some things about me because I have high-level players knowing this is a dream and what I want to do.”

As a result of his desire to pick a career in football, Usain Bolt joined the Australian A-league side the Central Coast Mariners.

While in the team, Usain Bolt was able to score two times in a match in October.

His first goal was a good finish after being played in behind by his strike partner Ross McCormack and was followed up by his Bolt doing his “lightning bolt” pose.

The second goal was him making the best of a goalkeeping error and tapped the ball into an empty net.

These two goals earned Usain Bolt a chance to sign a contract with the team but both Usain Bolt and the Central Coast Mariners could not come to an agreement on the compensation as the commercial backing needed to finance Usain Bolts desired wages were not found. As a result of that, they both agreed to terminate the trial in early November.

Before joining the Central Coast Mariners, he trained with Mamelodi of South African, Borussia Dortmund of Bundesliga and Stromsgodset of Norwegian.

He was offered a two years contract in October by Maltese club Valletta, which he turned down.

Usain Bolt has decided to end his dream of becoming a footballer and join a business, speaking about his new move he said

“I don’t want to say it wasn’t dealt with properly, but I think we went about it, not the way we should and you learn your lesson, you live and you learn. It was a good experience. I really enjoyed just being in a team and it was different from track and field and it was fun while it lasted”.

“I’m just doing many different things … the sports life is over, so I’m now moving into different businesses, I have a lot of things in the pipeline, so as I say, I’m just dabbling in everything and trying to be a businessman now.”

As it stands now, Usain Bolt football career has officially ended.

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