Five Interesting facts about Marcus Rashford.

Marcus Rashford is an International English Player and a Manchester United player, apart from this, only few people know much again about him. We forget to mention his age, the English man is 25 years old.

Here are some facts you don’t know about the young man.

He is formerly a Citizen: According to Soccer Stories, Marcus Rashford once played for Manchester United biggest enemy, Manchester City. The lad caught the attention of the big premier league Clubs scouts when he was seven, including Everton, Liverpool and Man City. He even played for the both clubs in their training sessions, before later deciding on joining Manchester United because they have program that will develop individual skills against his wish in Manchester City of just passing the ball around.

* He could have become a Cricket Player: Rashford is a great lad who enjoys both Sport and might have chosen to be a Cricket Player as a Career. Dwaine Rashford also confirmed this, he said, he is a good bowler and has excellent eye coordination. But, he chooses football at the end.

The Debut: In February 2016, Manchester United makes his first senior appearance for Manchester United, and shockingly, he scored two goals against Midtjylland in the UEFA Europa League, becoming the first youngest united ever player to score on his debut. He also scored on his first appearance for Manchester United in the Premier League against Arsenal. Rashford became the first United player to scored on his debut in three different competition.

Good Writer: Apart from leading a Charity organization of feeding children, and an having a doctorate at the age of 22 from the University of Manchester. Rashford has also been on the honor list of Queen Elizabeth during the Monarch’s birthday. He is also a great writer, during his leisure time, he continues to write for the children.

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