Starting a business in Nigeria: the next line of action


If you haven’t read my two previous posts on how to start a business in Nigeria and how to start a business in Nigeria (part 2), please do so now as this is a continuation of the previous posts.

So now you’re all set up, but you’ve not started getting customers, how come? Not to worry, all you need to do is to take the next line of action:

  1. Advertise

Don’t dull yourself, you have to invest in advertisement. Even if you’re starting small, this is part of what you will need to become big. Two tips I’ll be giving you under this if you’re starting small: fliers and free products. I know a lot of people might feel like fliers are outdated but fliers still bring customers even to this present age. I have a lot of products and services I have patronized just by reading their fliers. If you can afford it, attach free samples of your product to the flier. Nigerians love freebies, and when they see you are sharing something that isn’t just paper, you will see as dem go dey rush you. Make sure your products are of good quality if not you’ll just be doing giveaway. If your products are targeting young people, then spend more time advertising on social media. Make sure your posts are creative and have good content. The main aim of advertising is to get more people to know about your product, which is very important especially when you’re just starting out.


  1. Be professional

Especially if you want to become successful in your business, you have to start with the mind and class of your business owner. Register your business, as many customers will be reluctant to pay more into a private account. Even if the business policies here in Nigeria are unfavorable, don’t do anything illegal that will jeopardize the good name of your business. If your products target the masses, you might want to learn at least one Nigerian language apart from English so that you will be able to communicate with your customers freely.

I hope that these few points will guide you as you start your business venture. Good luck!

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