Mr Femi Fani_kayode, a former minister of aviation has accused some Nigerians who supported the current president of USA during the last election of trying to instigate violence and religious intolerance in the nation. The former minister made  this known through a post he shared on his Instagram page, he asked the Nigerian citizens who supported Biden to pray that Boko haram and ISWAP does not repeat what is happening in Afghanistan in Abuja Nigeria by taking over the rein of affairs just as the Taliban took over from Afghanistan leaders

He claimed that such incident wouldn’t have happened if the former President of the United State of America was still the American president.

His post reads:

”There is a difference between a tactical withdrawal and capitulation. The way in which the Americans left Afghanistan was shameful. Joe Biden botched the whole thing up and the United States of America left in humiliation and defeat. They couldn’t even secure their own embassy.

This is the greatest military humiliation and defeat that the Americans have suffered since Viet Nam. And yes I will say it: under Donald J. Trump this could NEVER have happened. He would have withdrawn but he would never have capitulated.

He would have withdrawn but it would have been with dignity and self-respect. And neither would he have abandoned all those that helped the Americans when they were there. If you are an American and you voted for Joe Biden clap for yourself.

If you are a Nigerian and you supported Joe Biden start praying hard that Boko Haram and ISWAP do not ever knock on the gates of Abuja or take Nigeria because sleepy Joe will not raise a finger to help us and neither would he give a damn.

Welcome to the new WOKE world!”

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