Read Why Daddy Freeze Condemns The Building of Glory Dome

After the announcement and dedication of the reported Largest Church in the World built by the Dunamis Ministry, which is also regarded as that which is larger than several Stadiums in the World excluding North Korea.

The Nigerian on air-Personality”Daddy Freeze” Condemns this recent development and declare against it as being an

He noted that there are many lagging Infrastructures in Nigeria, that the Nigerian development should not be based and focused on Churches only.

He further noted that Nigeria as a Nation haven’t had Infrastructural development like the largest School, largest Hospitals and largest Factories in the World, unlike the Churches where we have numerable biggest churches in the World to be definitely Nigerians.

He stated that Nigeria is the poverty capital of the World, yet Church auditoriums compete against themselves.

“Nigeria has land resources to build Ships, Aircraft, and Motorcars, not only to build penticostal business centers” he added.
In conclusion, he clarified that Nigerians should not focus mainly on Church development. Rather, bring their focus to other Infrastructures.

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