Chidinma Aaron nominated for the 2018 Miss Nigeria

The 2018 Miss Nigeria Beauty pageantry competition has nominated a winner. Chidinma Aaron who defeated over twelve(12) finalist and came out as the emerging Winner.

The competitive event took place at Eko Hotels and Suites in Lagos, Nigeria. Where we had over twelve(12) contestants present including Edege Legele, Otumba Hunay, Shitta Remilekun, Ntan Nton, Tizhe Usa Mirriam, Agida Stephanie, Chisom Olivia, Okudili Odinaka Doris, Ugwo Ijeoma and Aaron Chidinma Leilani.

Above are the names of the thirteen (13) contestants who made it to the finals, they were further reduced to twelve(12) in number. So far as the competition kept going, it decreased to five(5) with which Aaron Chidinma was among.

Below are the names of the lucky five(5 who could have been nominated for the awards; Ntan Nton, Agida Stephanie, Dunu Chisom Olivia, Ameh Munirah, and Aaron Chidinma.

The competitions came out with several awards both for the first second and third winners. Dunu came
out with the first runner-up,

The second runner-up went to Ameh Munirah. Lastly ,the winner went to Aaron Chidinma Leiloni. The award for the lucky winner is an automobile, a luxury apartment and the sum of  3million naira.

Miss Aaron the winner of the competition takes over the crown from Miss Mildred Ehiguese the 2017 winner. The registration fee was reportedly free to the contestant  in the 2018 edition.

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