Olamide Threatens To Deal With Wicked Record Label Owners

Self-styled king of street music, Olamide Adedeji, a.k.a Badoo has threatened to deal with record label owners who maltreat artistes signed under their label imprint.

While the ‘Motigbana’ hit-maker who seemed very displeased with a label owner who may have been maltreating his artistes, condemned the inhuman action, tagging it 21st-century slavery, he threatened to make a scapegoat out of any record label owner who is found guilty of the act.

“Man is doing 21st-century slavery and they call it a record label. Oh Shit! That is death row! Gone are those days; young CEOs are setting the game ablaze, changing the game. Let everyone eat proper. 21st
century slavery shall be addressed very soon; waiting for the perfect scapegoat”, he wrote on his Snapchat page.

Who Olamide may have been referring to still remains a mystery as he has since refused to disclose the identity of the label owner who angered him into making such a social media post.

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