Northern Farmers Complain As Their Onions Decay Over Group’s Refusal To Supply To South.


Onions farmers from Northern Nigeria are complaining bitterly over the continuous decay of their produce . The suppliers of the produce had suspended the supply of onions to South after their demands were not met.


According to a source, over 50 trucks loaded with onions are still stuck in their farms and their produce has started to decay after the blockade was imposed on the South.


The Onions Producers Association Of Nigeria ( OPMAN), suspended the supply of onions to South-east after its members were attacked on the region by gunmen. They demanded compensation from the government and got nothing before the blockade was enforced .


The National President of OPMAN, Aliyu Isah, made the announcement on Wednesday, May 2, 2021.


He announced the suspension on Wednesday, May, 2,2021. Prior to this, the group has limited the supply of onions to the region which caused the price of the product to skyrocket.


Isah revealed the harsh decision to suspend the supply of onions to South-east was due to the incessant attacks against the members of the group by unknown gunmen suspected to be the IPOBs.


“If the government fails to adhere to the demands of the association, we are shutting down the supply of onions to the entire South by Monday, June 7, 2021,” Isah said in an interview with the Daily Trust .


He also said the members of the group have lost unions that are worth over 4.5 billion in Naira, due to the attacks against its members in several areas of the south.


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