Nigerians React as Seyi Tinubu Flies Presidential Jet to Polo Games in Kano

On Twitter now called X, Nigerians react as Seyi Tinubu flies the presidential jet to the Polo Games that was held in Kano State.

The various comments, views and opinions regarding Seyi Tinubu using the Presidential Jet for non-official purposes came about after Jaafar Jaafar a journalist criticised Seyi Tinubu on Monday for using the Presidential Jet for non-official purposes.

He cited that Hanan, former President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter did the same thing when she used the Presidential jet for a photo tour.

Jaafar Jaafar Speaking about the inappropriate use of the Presidential Jet by Seyi Tinubu on Twitter wrote

“Here’s Tinubu’s golden child, Seyi, travelling in a presidential jet to watch polo in Kano. But this trend did not start today. Buhari set the bad example when he allowed his daughter, Hanan, to travel in a presidential jet for a photo tour in Bauchi. Even if our laws are vague on this, one thing is clear. This is an offence to the moral code of leadership.”

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Bashar a Twitter user while reacting to it said

“Buhari merely sought the title of ‘President’ without understanding or respecting the sanctity of the office. The audacity to let his daughter, Hanan, use a presidential jet for a mere photo tour in Bauchi was the beginning of this mockery. Now we see Tinubu’s protege, Seyi, hopping on the same jet for a polo match in Kano. It’s not just about the laws, it’s about ethics, morals, and respect for the position. Our leaders must do more than just occupy an office; they must uphold its dignity”.

Another Twitter user Abdul-Abdul said, “You have no issue with misgovernance or ower, wrongly used because it suits your convenience, but the quest for a better Nigeria will continue to be a mirage”.

We will recall that Jaafar Jaafar is the journalist who published the video of former Governor of Kano State Abdullahi Umar Ganduje receiving a bribe of 5 million USD in October 2018. Jaafar Jaafar hails from Kano State and is the founder of Daily Nigerian an online publication company.



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