It is no longer news that social medium can make you SUPER RICH.

I’m not capping!

I can’t count how many people have made it big from social media.

Yesss! Some of the people you’re celebrating today, ‘nah this social media make them RICH.’

Folake, you know what I’m saying, but why are we still begging you to be posting daily.

Romanus, you’ve seen these people that are cashing out from social media, but staying consistent is your problem.

Even when we ask you to go maddd with your marketing, you keep making these mistakes.

Here are some marketing mistakes you should stop making on social media:

1. Stop Inconsistent Posting:

We are in 2023, and we are still begging you to be posting daily, today you’re on tomorrow you’re off.

I still can’t believe that in 2023 we are asking you to be posting daily. If you don’t know, consistency is the key to maintaining visibility in this space.

2. Stop Overlooking Audience Engagement:

People took their time to comment on your post, you’re there forming boss, seated on the throne, you can’t come down from that mountain of yours to engage your audience.

3. Stop Ignoring Negative Feedbacks:

Someone said something bad about your product or service, you kept quiet, you didn’t do anything about it.

Don’t worry, you will soon meet a dead business, because one angry customer can cause you to fall on this social media ooh!

4. Stop Feeling Bad For Over-Marketing:

There’s nothing like over selling in business. There’s nothing like I’m selling too much, let me reduce the way I sell.

You’re in business to make profit, don’t feel bad for selling your market. Don’t let anyone guilt trip you for selling.

5. Stop Using POOR Visuals To Market:

This is social media! Because we catch cruise isn’t a validation to do things the way you like.

Bring in some level of excellence and avoid mediocrity. To make it in this space ehh, you have to bring your best foot forward.

Which one is you’re doing a video and there is a lot of noise in the background. We are seeing your video and it’s taking us back to the 90s. Stopeeeit!

6. Stop Hiding Your Personality On Your Page:

It would be hard to make it in this space, if people can’t feel the personality behind the brand.

You don’t want people to know you, there’s a level of cash you won’t get access to, if you don’t add a personality to your brand.

You will struggle to make it big here, if people can’t identify a personality behind the page.

There’s more to say, but let me just stop here!

Thank You!!!


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