Popular Nigerian comedian, Sabinus a.k.a Mr. Funny sued Peak Milk Company and Gala Company for use of property without permission.

Sabinus, through his legal team, made a post suing Peak Milk Company N1 Billion Naira for using his trademark statement ‘Something Hooge’ in a promotional ad, alongside Gala Company N100 million naira for using a cartooned image of him in an ad. According to him, this happened without his permission.

Following this, there have been several reactions on Twitter concerning the above claim. According to some Lawyers, Only goods can be trademarked in Nigeria. Therefore, they believe that Sabinus may lose the case if taken to court.

Some other netizens have also expressed their displeasure in the announcement. To some, it is an act of pride and would lead to his downfall. According to some people, “We made him on Twitter and if he is not careful, we will cause his downfall.”

Some people have expressed their doubt in the  situation. According to them, the famous comedian was only using the above as a ‘marketing strategy’ to make him trend on social media.

Also reacting to this, a popular rap duo called Double Miles has expressed great fear after the announcement. They had used a photo of the comedian for their music artwork cover. In the Rappers words, “Mr. Funny, we admire you so much, that is why we used your photo. Please pardon us. Don’t sue us. We don’t have money. We are just fast rising Rappers.”

The news continues to make wave in the internet as netizens anticipate the end result of this debacle.

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