INEC and its irresponsible workforce – Chike Awuzie

About 20 years ago, when I was still in the seminary school, we were taught RESPONSIBILITY.
If you had a function, you MUST be responsible for everything about it.

At that tender age of 10, 11,12 years, if you were found wanting in any of your duties, you would be seriously punished and possibly attract suspension for yourself, depending on the magnitude of your offense.

Because of this election, ALL sorts of meetings were postponed.

Schools went on midterm break, earlier than scheduled.

People postponed business activities. Workers went on premature leave. Markets announced closing.

People traveled all the way from places like Lagos, Kaduna to distant places like Owerri, Onitsha, in order to cast their votes.

Random public holidays by state governments and federal governments were pronounced.

In the end, an irresponsible INEC that had always promised us that they were ready for this election, suddenly turn around to tell us that they had postponed the elections by another week.

A stupid Presidency would have prevented us from this if he had signed the electoral bill. Serious countries vote online, making it impossible for billions of naira to be wasted via election logistics and halting of economic activities.

It’s really unfortunate on the quality of idiots we have in various offices. Quota system appointment continues to make a mockery of us. It’s very unfortunate

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