I will go into the forest and destroy Boko Haram – Gudaji Kazaure

In a recent speech,Hon Gudaji Kazuare, one of the members of the House of Representative, insisted that the President of Nigeria Mohammadu Buhari, should appoint him as the head of a task force that would be headed into the Sambisa Forest were the boko haram insurgency group are based and destroy them.

He stated that he knows all the nook and cranny of the Sambisa Forest as a hunter he is. He said to the media “let the President, President Buhari appoint me as the head of a Task force, afterwhich I will delegate a team, which members including myself will match into the Sambisa Forest and finish those idiots.

He further siad “I am a Hunter a professional Hunter to be precised, I will team up with other Hunters including the Nigerian Army and the Police, we will all go into the bush and finish the Boko Haram. Even if it’s tomorrow, I will lead the team!” he said with so much audacity.

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