I Taught Drake Everything He Knows Soulja Boy Claims

DeAndre Cortez popularly known as Soulja Tell ‘Em or Simply as Soulja Boy has taken a bash at Drake the Canadian rapper.

Soulja Boy appeared on today on a The Breakfast Club. Soulja Boy claimed that Drake blew up by biting his flow, saying “I taught him everything he knows”

His claim all started when Soulja Boy questioned why Meek Mill had a bigger comeback that he did in 2018? He asked this question because DJ Envy the host noted that Meek Mill had just been released from prison. Soulja boy replied, “I was locked up too!”. Then Charlamagne responded that the Possible reason Soulja boy was locked was beacuse of his beef with Drake.

Soulja then took it even more personal by pointing out that Drake lost a battle with Pusha T just months before

“[He’s] the biggest rapper in the world”.

Charlamagne protested, then Soulja Boy walked away from the table and then replied afterward, “Stop playing me like I ain’t teach Drake everything he know..”

When his claim was met with unpleasant responses by the hosts, Soulja Boy attributed the success of Drake’s “first”
song, “Miss me,” to his own “what’s Hannenin” flow.

The truth is that the introductory bars on “miss me” actually do reference Soulja Boy’s flow: “Tell me what’s really goin’ on/Drizzy back up in this thing, I’m ready, what’s hannenin?” it’s the same pattern Soulja Boy used on his own track’s first verse, right down to the elongated “e” in “tell me”

Soulja Boy, however, missed out that the rather big portion of Drake’s breakout year: “Miss me” was actually the third single from Drake’s debut album, “Thank Me Later”.

Soulja Boy is an American rapper, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur.

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