How to start a lucrative business in Nigeria (part 2)

If you haven’t read my article on how to start a lucrative business in Nigeria, please do so as this post is a continuation of the previous article.

So now you’ve thought about it and you are very sure that you want to become a business owner, you’ve identified the need and the possible solutions to that need. So, what next? we are going to be taking you through these next few steps so you can consider your next line of action:


  1. Think of a location

This is very crucial to your business as the best location for your business would where the demand of your need is the highest, you can’t just move anywhere to start a business. And if you want to do it in your area, ensure that your services are high in demand.


  1. Look for Capital

I’ve heard a lot of people say “you don’t need money to start a business”, I beg to differ, in some cases, you might not actually need money, but you do need resources. To tell you the truth, you can’t start empty-handed, especially if you want to provide quality services to your customers, you need resources, and money can be a part of those resources. Mind you this doesn’t mean you should go and be asking people for money to start a business. Instead you can make partnerships. You can meet with the person who has the resources you need and ask them to give it to you that you will return a certain percentage of what you earn afterwards. You can keep on like this until you are able to buy your own resources.


  1. Get customers

Customers are very important because without customers, you have no business. Ensure you think of their satisfaction first before money like I said in the previous post. If they are displeased and you act like its none of your business, not only will they no longer patronize you, but they will also tell other people which means bad market for you.

Good luck in starting your business!

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