How To Get Visa To Your Dream Country Without Spending Too Much Money

How to Get Visa To Your Dream Country Without Spending Too Much Money

To achieve this, you need to take your type before travelling, especially when you don’t have sponsors.
Take your time to plan your travels, don’t speed it, because once it fails, you will start afresh, especially when you are trying to get USA, Canada and UK.

Before a white man allows you to get their Visa, they must know what you are doing, you have to prove that you are working.


If you go and borrow from a bank, then send in 10 million into your account at once, you might be denied Visa

These are 5 things you must know and do:

* Have Financial Record

* Create a salary account for yourself (every month you send in good money with the narration like, Month Salary)

* If you want to borrow money, don’t put all the money once in your account, be sending it in every month for at least 8 months consistently.

* If you are running your own business, register the business with CAC. Whether a big business or small business, register it. And be paying yourself salary every month from that register business into your salary account

* Make sure your birth certificate you will present is from Census Office

* If you are planning on getting a Tour Visa, this strategy is a huge advantage for you to have a chance of getting your Visa


NB: Oyibo wants to make sure you can add to their country, so you must have a good financial record in an account that has discipline in terms of how your withdraw and how you send in money.


The Two most popular ways of getting a quick visa are through Tour Visa and Student Visa.. Especially if you have someone over there in that country and you have a financial record as stated above.

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