How to get Croatia tourist, visit, business and study visa from Nigeria

How to get a Croatia tourist, visit, business and study visa from Nigeria

Croatia which is officially called the Republic of Croatia is a European country located in central and Southeastern Europe.

It is bordered at the Northwest by Slovenia, at the Northeast by Hungary, at the East by Serbia, and at the Southeast by Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Croatia also shares a maritime border at the west and southwest with Italy.

Zagreb is the largest city in Croatia and also its capital. Croatia is divided into twenty counties and has a total population of about 3.9 million inhabitants.

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Someone from Croatia is called a Croat.

If you want to travel to Croatia either for tourism, visit, business or studies and are from Nigeria, you will be needing a visa.

On 1 January 2023, Croatia became a Schengen area Member State (Schengen acquis is fully applicable in Croatia). Third-country nationals who are holders of visas and residence permits in Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania are no longer permitted to enter the Republic of Croatia without a valid Schengen or Croatian national visa.

Croatia has an Embassy in Nigeria and it is located at
Oakland Centre, 2nd floor, right-wing
No. 48 Aguiyi Ironsi Street

However VFS Global handles the Croatian Visa application on behalf of the Croatian Embassy.

All required steps and information about how to apply for Croatia Visa from Nigeria can be found at VSF Global.


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