How to download a Video from Facebook and Instagram to your phone – Jasper

Jasper Orisakwe has revealed how to download a Video you saw on Facebook and Instagram timelines to your Phone Gallery.

A lot of people would see a video and go into the poster’s dm to ask for it.
If the video was posted on the person’s “timeline”, follow these 5 steps to download it.

1. Click the three (3) dotted lines (…) by the top right side of the video post

2. You will see the “copy link”, carefully click on the Copy Link

3. Open your “Xender” Application

4. Allow the Xender App to open, then click “SOCIAL” at the bottom of the App on your screen

5. You will see a box written: “Paste and Download”.

The video will be downloaded to your gallery within 20 seconds. It does not use your data, that’s one of the top jobs Xender does which a lot of people don’t know.

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