Footballers, fans, football Analysts may be a stakeholder in the football world. However you may not the football laws that governs the most beautiful Sport on Earth.

Some of the facts that may surprise you, has been pulled here.

1. A Goal Net is not compulsory.

You heard me right. You think I am making a mistake, it may sounds true only if you’re not aware. According to International Football Association Board which is responsible for the laws of the game, which comprises of the four British Countries, In Law 1 of the Laws of the Game, it made mention of important elements in the field of play which a Goal is mentioned, and a Goal Net is not mentioned. It means a Match can starts without a Goal Net, but for the sake of controversy, it’s advisable to use the nets.

2. Seven Players can start a match:
Yes, you’re not making any mistake, football is being played by 11 foots. 10 players and a Goalkeeper make up a team in a football match. However, the Referee can start a match with less than that, and seven is the required number including the Goalkeeper. If anyone of them gets injured, then the match has to be stopped and annulled.

3. The Most Important Thing:
Football laws are amazing, in fact they’re great. Now let’s take a look at them, the most important thing on the football field is not what you think of, it’s not the goal, or the ball, not even the players, it is even something you’re not taking a notice off, or the smallest thing on the field of play. The most important factor is the Corner Flag. A match cannot start without the four corner flags. The corner flag is the most important thing, without it, no match.

4. It’s not a Goal: Wait, let me tell you, probably you have some watched video clips with the ball passing the goal line, and you have said a lot of hurtful words to the Officiating team. I am not trying to make you feel bad, it’s because you don’t know it. Now let me explained beautifully, a goal can’t be scored unless the whole of the ball passes through the goal line either in the air on the ground. It means if half of the ball just crossed the goal line, it’s not a Goal. Now you know better.

5. Seven minutes additional time, is the Referee Drunk?

Your team is leading two goals to nill,at the 80th minute, the opponent puts one back, now your team is on the verge of dropping two points as the opponent seeks for an equalizer. Good news! your team is able to get hold of it, and Fourth Official indicate four additional minutes, now to the 96th minute, the opponent scored an equalizer. It’s 2-2. Sad right? but the Referee is not to be blamed. According to IFAB, the Fourth Official only indicate the minimum added minutes, it can be increased but not reduced. The Referee only increases the time based on the present scenarios in the game, like time wasting.

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