Delta – Man Commits Suicide Over N600000 Church Harvest Fund

Recently, a 59-year-old man, father of 11 children, by the name ‘Julius Numa’ was reported dead over N600000 Church harvest fund kept under his custody. This incident occurred on Sunday at Sapele, Delta State.

It was disclosed that he was demanding financial assistance from friends and relatives via messages, threatening to commit suicide if he doesn’t get help from them.

A family member said the corpse of their late father was found in his room and was discovered by his daughter when she went to check on him.

It was insinuated that late Mr. Julius committed suicide over the initially stolen N600000 church money kept under his care a week back.

It was reported that he was robbed by some street boys at his church area, Oton, Sapele, Delta State.

After which he started behaving strangely. Also, it was discovered that text messages were sent to friends and family, threatening to commit suicide.

Unfortunately, the source said “he already hung himself, we could not bring his body down yesterday, but now his body has been buried.

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