BMW Unveils Newly Invented BMW F 850 GS

The BMW Auto company unveils the newly invented BMW F 850 GS, which is said to be a touring and off-road concept developed by the BMW Company in India.

It is a highly customized adventure, as discovered in the EICMA Motorcycle show at India.

Although many models have it features and ability, it is said to have more fascinating features than that of others.

This adventure has two riding modes’rain and road mode, which enables it to distinguish its movement, it has a large fuel capacity of 23-liters, alongside two parallel twin engines, behind.

At it front, it has a windscreen which is adjustable, also an adjustable brake lever, and it protection is aided by a crash bar.

It also has an ASC automatic stability control which stabilizes its movement, with an emergency call system attached.

However, the concept was launched at the EICMA motorcycle show in Mailan.

The BMW Motorrad company hasnt had a fixed price on the product, but the company assured buyers that the product would have a fixed marketing price from the year 2019.

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