An ex-convict becomes PDP governorship aspirant

A Governorship aspirant under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] in Plateau State is currently facing a very huge challenge that can ruin his political career if care is not taken as an allegation has been levied against him that he had been convicted in the United Kingdom over a criminal act.

The aspirant whose name is Geoffrey Bawa Shitgurum had defected from All Progressive Congress [APC] to Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] last month.

A pressure group among the Peoples Democratic Party known as The PDP for Peace and Good Governance Forum is demanding that immediate investigation should be carried out on the allegation.

The organisation has stated clearly that if the allegation turns out to be the truth, it means that Mr. Geoffrey will not be qualified to contest under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party in the State.

Speaking on the matter, Rev. Jonah Pam, the National President of the forum told newsmen in JOS the capital city of the State that if Mr. Geoffrey Bawa Shitgurum contests the Governorship race in the State under the great party; it will not just be a great Minus to the party but a disservice too.

A die-hard supporter of Mr. Shitgurum who pleaded that his name should not be mentioned dismissed the allegation saying that it was the work of mischief makers of the Peoples Democratic Party and the Nigerian ruling Government.

He said that Shitgurum is a successful business mogul and technocrat who have done well not just for himself but for the Nation as a whole. He wondered why the people accusing his principal didn’t say this before now, why they decided to wait till this election period before they could find their voice. He insisted that Shitgurum must take over the Plateau State Government House in the year 2019 whether the APC likes it or not. He said that APC in Plateau State is dead and gone.

He also notice that among those who are defecting into the Peoples Democratic Party is a certain character whose presence in PDP will not just spell doom to the party in nearest future if not handled with care but will also dent the image and integrity of the party in a very devastated way that the party may not recover from it at all. According to him, the party must act with immediate effect to address the issue at hand in order to avert the impending doom.

He said; “ the defection of Geoffrey Bawa Shitgurum under normal circumstance should be welcomed by everyone who loves the party because the man has carved out an image for himself and the party, he knows his ways in both Business and Politics”.

He also said that the accusers of his principal do not have enough evidence to back up their claim and as such the claim is an inconsequential impression which will not make them lose sight of the bigger picture which is what the Peoples Democratic Party stands to lose if the anomy is not properly addressed.

Another source who is a member of the PDP for Peace and Good Governancenoticedd that so many times in the past the party has been blackmailed, they have been called so many unprintable names like a party that condones corruption and harbours criminals, he made instance with the incident that happened in Delta State when a former Governor of the State, James Ibori who was convicted in the United Kingdom later came back and re-joined Peoples Democratic Party,  Ibori’s come back to PDP is still a burden on the party and the party is still trying hard to improve on her image. He said the PDP in plateau state has made a big mistake by allowing a man who has questionable character and a case of conviction with him to join the party and even nurse the ambition to fly the party’s flag in the year 2019.

While speaking to journalists, Rev. Pan said that when it was first rumoured that Geoffrey Shitgurum Bawa was nursing the ambition to join the gubernatorial race against the incumbent Governor of the State, Governor Simon Bako Lalong, not many took it seriously because everyone knows that Mr. Shitgurum is a brother and a very close friend to the Governor.

He noted that Shitgurum had dismissed the rumour and even called it a mere fiction of rumour mongers, however, reality dawned on everybody last month when the news of his defection dominated the headline. His declaration to run for the office of the Governor under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party was also reported through the media the same month. He also said that Shitgurum is not trustworthy going by the fact that he betrayed the trust APC and Governor Lalong had on him when he left the party and join forces with the opposition.

He sees Mr. Shitgurum as a liar who lied to both the governor and the paramount ruler of the Goemai Nation, The long Goemai, Mishoun Martins Sheldas. The monarch had sensed the acrimonious tension brewing up in his kingdom and summoned a meeting  with Mr. Geoffrey himself, in that meeting  the paramount Chief asked  Geoffrey  Shitgurum if he had any intention to run for the office of the Governor against his brother the incumbent Governor Lalong, Mr. Shitgurum had denied it outright only for the Chief to hear about his declaration later.

If he can betray his own brother and the monarch of Goemai Nation, then how are we sure he will not betray the people of Plateau State if he is been elected into office in the year 2019. Integrity, moral decency, and loyalty should never be sacrificed on the altar of politics.

In conclusion, the PDP for Peace and Good Governance Forum leader, Rev. Pam said that his suggestion to his party, Peoples Democratic Party PDP is that it should wash its hand off anything that will be a burden to it and also PDP should  not allow anything that will engender more problem than solution in its platform.

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