Abia Youths Okays Fortunes Okoronkwo For Governorship In 2019

The Political Scene in Abia State is getting more competitive as various candidates are seen carrying out campaigns at various locations. The situation of Abia State is very critical because the State has seen little or no infrastructural development.

The last Gubernatorial election in the State was characterized by numerous court cases after the incumbent Governor of the State Mr. Okezie Ikpeazu was declared the winner of the election.

After the not too young to run bill was based into law, Many Youths of Abia State have been keenly looking out for Youths to lead Abia State out of its current dilemma. The reason has been that the supposed older men who are currently in charge of running the affairs of the State in terms of Governance have failed woefully.

They are clamoring that the Youths of the State be given a chance at the polls. The passing of the not too young to run bill was a bonus in the right direction for Abia State Youths.

Numerous persons have declared the interest to run for the next Gubernatorial Election. This time around, the Youths of Abia State have also declared the desire to test themselves at the polls.

One of Such Youths who has courageously decided to defy the status quo and seek a chance to deliver his state for its current moribund situation of poor infrastructural development is Fortunes Okoronkwo.

Top Trends Nigeria gathered that the Youths of Abia State talk about him at various places. When they socialize at beer parlors and when they gather at Church meetings. Abians in the diaspora is also not left out as some of them are desperately seeking to know more about him with the hope that he is the most qualified candidate to bring deliverance to Abia State.

Who is Fortunes Okoronkwo?

Fortunes Paul Okoronkwo is a Graduate of Abia State University. He studied History and International Relations. From there he proceeded to the prestigious University of Ibadan where he obtained a masters degree in Humanitarian and Refugee Studies.

Mr. Fortunes is from Amaba village of Isuikwuato Local Government Area of Abia State. He is an astute businessman and happily married. He has also been involved in scouting for footballers who are sent to play for foreign leagues

Why does Abia Youths want him as their next Governor?

It dates back to when he was an undergraduate at Abia State University. He was the then Student Union
Government (SUG) President.

At that time they were an unnecessary increase in school fees by the State Government and Fortunes Okoronkwo single-handedly dared the State Government, thereby forcing them to reduce the school fees charges and the entire students where happy at such bravery.

His Educational background also attests to the fact that he is a man of the people and is willing to reverse the proverbial conditions of Abians from refugee status to citizens because of the singular act of terror Operation Python dance caused in the State.

Operation Python Dance was the codename of a military operation the Nigeria Military carried out in the event of the IPOB crises with the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Most Abia youths where fed up with the situation with many losing there lives as a result of the events. This made them give a rethink andState discussing on the best potential candidate for the Abia Gubernatorial election.

Finally, Fortunes Okoronkwo is contesting under the platform of the Providence People’s Congress PPC.

Ambassador Chris Okechukwu when describing the party said it was founded on the principles of the
Christian Faith and posed to bring the needed change Abians are clamoring for.

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