The UEFA Champions League is back tonight as football fans all over the world are excited to witness a wonderful end of group games.

Most exciting without a doubt is Liverpool’s group of death, where anything can happen after 90 minutes of normal time.

Italian Napoli sits first in the table with 9points and 3 goals, not comfortable there anyway, while PSG sits second with 8points and 5 goals, also uncomfortable.
And Liverpool sits third with 6 points and 1 goal, without confidence as well.
Red Star is already eliminated from the Champions League.

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The deal Tonight for Napoli if they want to qualify for the next round is just to get a draw against Liverpool in Anfield tonight.

For PSG, they only need a draw too from Red Star,
While Liverpool needs just 1-0, or a 2 goals deficit to qualify ahead of Napoli if PSG wins their game.

The game will be played by 9:00 pm Nigerian time.

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