Indeed, falling in love with somebody can take just a minute or even a few seconds, but forgetting or getting over a break up can cause a lot of disturbance to your mental health.

However, if there was only a way or several ways for you to quickly drop all sadness and heartbreaks and move on with the biggest smile on your face, I bet you would love that.

Well, there are several ways, and by several, I mean a lot of ways (numerous ways.)

But, I would give you only 3 for now, if you want more, you can always Comment “more” and I have get you more😉.

Firstly, before you and I dive right into it, I must say, “healing takes time.”

It’s a process and you must at all timea try to trust the process.


I know it’s painful, I know you feel like you’re hurt and broken without repair, but you will be fine.

Stop crying, stop wishing he/she would just come back so it could go back to the way it used to be. No. You don’t need that person to be happy, you don’t need that person to feel loved.

You’re loved, you’re lovable, it was not your fault. It couldn’t have been different, no matter how you tried.

Do you miss him/her?

Take a deep breath!

Do you wish they would just call you or come visit?

Take a deep breath!


Because it’s all feelings. Try taking slow breathes, slowly gaining your peace of mind and yourself back.

It is fine.

Don’t overthink, just let it slide, let that breeze go through your hair and calm your nerves. It’s alright. Smile.


The truth is when you fall in love, the euphoric experience would cause you to only have eyes for that person, then you bury or care less about other things and other people.

The saying that goes, “Love Is Blind” is true. Because whenever you are no longer in a relationship, the feeling of being single is like “freedom at last.”

So, go back to those things you used to do before you met him, anything that would just make you happy, do it.


Friends are great companions. I mean, good friends. Not the toxic ones, please.

Call your friend, best friend/closest friend and just go out, do something fun together.

Leave that sad room you’ve being in, crying all day and just go out and relax, nothing much.

It could be taking a long drive, or a long walk or playing some games together or even eating and dancing.

Anything you both enjoy together, it will really help take your mind off of things that are not worth thinking of.

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Have a great day and weekend!

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